A little bit about

emily harris mecham

Time professionally admiring & designing with flowers: 18 years

Guilty Pleasure: Gummy Candies, Sockerbit NYC is my very favorite

Something I can’t live without: my son’s laughter

Favorite NYC moment: the moment I realized I would be moving to the city after a job interview… magical

Currently in my bag: clippers, cuticle cream, and a book

First job in the biz: working at a family run Nursery during the summer while in college

Where did you grow up: In the shadows of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains

Favorite pastime: connecting with friends and family

Currently resides: Hudson Heights, Manhattan with her adorable son and talented husband (IMHO)

Favorite flower: Too stressful, I don’t play favorites!

Source of Inspiration: Nature…. No one is a better artist!